About Stream My iTunes Stream your iTunes library to any device anywhere

"Stream My iTunes" is a service available to iHomeServer for iTunes v3 users that lets you access your home iTunes library from any device, anywhere on the internet. Free your iTunes library so that you can enjoy it on multiple devices at home, at work, on holiday, or when you are out and about!

Any Device!

The web interface provided by "Stream My iTunes" runs on most modern devices - computers, phones, tablets - pretty much any browser. So you aren't locked to Apple devices.

Any Media!

Whilst iTunes Match only streams music files, "Stream My iTunes" lets you stream any of your media - music, movies, television. Even iTunes DRM material is supported on iOS clients!

Any Where!

Your media is available from anywhere on the internet - whether you are on holiday, at work, in a coffee shop. You can still enjoy your iTunes library if you are on a low bandwidth connection due to iHomeServer's built-in transcoding feature


iHomeServer for iTunes

You do need to install some software on your computer to use 'Stream My iTunes'. iHomeServer for iTunes is an add-on for iTunes that supercharges iTunes to make it a better media server. It provides multiple features such as a web interface for accessing your iTunes library, a built-in iTunes DLNA server, metadata management for movie/television episodes, advanced watch folders and special features for server users such as installing iTunes as a Windows Service. "Stream My iTunes" is an internet service available to iHomeServer for iTunes v3 users that lets them access their iTunes Library on the internet from anywhere.

No need for iTunes Match

"Stream My iTunes" provides a web interface to your iTunes library that you can access from home or the internet. Unlike iTunes Match, "Stream My iTunes" connects you directly back to your home library, not Apple's servers. This means you can stream your personal music and video collection even if you don't have an iTunes match subscription.

Listen securely

"Stream My iTunes" uses standard industry strength encryption to encrypt both access to your library and your media stream. Simply create an account on the Stream My iTunes web site and link it with your iHomeServer for iTunes installation.

Built-in DDNS

Stream My iTunes makes it simple to log in to your computer. No need to remember your computer's public IP address or set up an external dynamic DNS as Stream My iTunes automatically keeps track of your public IP and seamlessly logs you into your server from the Stream My iTunes web-site.

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Supercharge iTunes with additional features such a DVD ripping, web interface, Smart TV/DLNA streaming, Advanced Metadata Editing