Setting Up Stream My iTunes

It's really easy to access your iTunes library from the internet. You need to register for a Stream My iTunes account and then install our iHomeServer for iTunes software which adds features to iTunes including an iTunes web server.

Three Simple Steps

Follow these three steps to begin accessing your iTunes library from the internet:

Step 1

Sign-Up for a Stream My iTunes Account

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Create your secure Stream My iTunes account. You'll use this account to log into your iTunes library wherever you are

Step 2

Download & Install iHomeServer for iTunes

Download >

Stream My iTunes requires a small application called iHomeServer to be installed on your computer. Find out more and download iHomeServer by clicking here.

Step 3

Pair your iHomeServer install with your Stream My iTunes account

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Once you have installed iHomeServer, 'Enable' the Stream My iTunes feature and enter your account details to pair your iHomeServer with your account

You're all ready!

If you've completed the above steps, you are good to go.

Click the login button at the top of the page to login to your account and access your iTunes library remotely

Download iHomeServer For iTunes Now

Supercharge iTunes with additional features such a DVD ripping, web interface, Smart TV/DLNA streaming, Advanced Metadata Editing