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Stream My iTunes is built on top of the acclaimed Windows application called iHomeServer for iTunes. This page gives some more information about the iHomeServer application. You can also find out more by visiting the iHomeServer product page.

iHomeServer is Windows software that you install on your PC to add cool features to iTunes such as an iTunes web interface, television/movie metadata tagging, DVD ripping, DLNA streaming of your iTunes library to Smart Televisions / Games Consoles, Media Watch Folders and much more. iHomeServer software also hosts an iTunes web server which is available within your home network.

Pairing your iHomeServer install with a Stream My iTunes web account will let you use the Stream My iTunes website to login to your iHomeServer instance when you are away from home from anywhere on the Internet.

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Web Access to your iTunes Library

iHomeServer provides a web interface to iTunes letting you navigate and stream your iTunes library from most modern web browsers on most modern devices including Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows PCs even if iTunes isn't installed. You can stream your music and video collection to all your devices and even manage your library such as fixing metadata from the comfort of your armchair.

The only restriction is that the content you stream must be DRM free unless you are using iOS devices to play the media in which case you must have entered your Apple account credentials into your device's settings screen. Please see here for further information.

Play your iTunes content on Smart TVs and Games Consoles without an Apple TV

iHomeServer features a built-in DLNA server that integrates with iTunes and publishes your library to your Smart TV, XBOX 360/PlayStation 3 Games Consoles or any other device on your home network that supports the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) protocol. Suddenly your iTunes media (non-DRM only) is accessible to even more devices in your home!

Fix your iTunes Movie/Television Metadata

iTunes provides some basic functions for managing the metadata of your audio tracks. iHomeServer provides a comprehensive set of metadata features for improving your video collection's artwork and metadata. iHomeServer searches web databases for accurate metadata for your media files and automatically updates iTunes with beautiful descriptions, cast lists, director information, release date and box artwork. The entire metadat tagging process can be entirely automated so that videos are auto-tagged as soon as they are discovered by iHomeServer.

Run iTunes Unattended

iTunes is a desktop application that constantly requires user intervention to keep it running smoothly. iHomeServer is the best way of running iTunes on a headless or unattended PC as it can run iTunes behind the scenes as a Windows Service and automatically handle any of the manual prompts that iTunes throws up. This means that iTunes keeps running smoothly without you even knowing it's there. Even when iTunes is running in the background, you can still manage your iTunes library either locally on the desktop using the iHomeServer Management Console or remotely via a web browser using iHomeServer's iTunes Web Interface

Watch Folders

iHomeServer lets you set up watch folders against your media folders. iHomeServer will monitor these folders for new media and automatically add discovered media to iTunes in the background. You can also define rules such as adding all tracks from specific folder to a specific playlist, or direct iHomeServer to automatically tag media in a certain folder as a 'Movie' file type or 'Television' episode file type as appropriate

Handbrake Integration & DVD / BluRay Ripping

Watch Folders are great for media that is already in an iTunes ready format, however, many people have video in non-iTunes friendly formats such as AVI. iHomeServer integrates with Handbrake to automatically convert non-iTunes friendly media formats into file types that iTunes understands. Additionally, iHomeServer can monitor your computer's DVD / BluRay drive and automatically detect when a disk has been entered. On finding a new DVD/BluRay, iHomeServer will use Handbrake to rip the disk to MP4 file format, automatically tag the resulting file with metadata and beautiful artwork and add the file to your iTunes library. All without you pressing a single key!

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Supercharge iTunes with additional features such a DVD ripping, web interface, Smart TV/DLNA streaming, Advanced Metadata Editing